The Wharton Undergraduate Entrepreneurship Club is the premier undergraduate entrepreneurship club at the University of Pennsylvania that aims to facilitate innovative dialogue, enable ground-breaking action, and promote discovery within the student community. WUEC envisions a campus in which students have the combined resources and peer support to explore the startup culture, launch successful companies, attain necessary skills, and build a strong network. The club strives to continue enabling the growth of the entrepreneurial community on Penn’s campus and develop a network than can be useful for all Penn-associated entrepreneurs. Our executive board currently consists of 20 members, with additional members serving as “ambassadors”, and more than 100 others in our general body*.


*over 1000 on the listserv



Speakers/Panel Events

We partner with both early and late stage companies, VC firms, professors, entrepreneurs, and industry experts to host speakers and panels here at Penn.

Pitch Event

WUEC is the umbrella group for the Penn Apps accelerator program. Additionally, WUEC serves as a host to a variety of pitch competitions held through the year (Ivy League intercollegiate pitch, Recess event, etc.).

Hands on Workshops

Through our access to engaging professionals, we hold workshops that provide critical advice to our members about anything from fundraising to legal advice.

Community Events

By hosting a number of social events and via the Ambassador’s program, WUEC aims to foster the greater entrepreneurial community on campus.


Through our high impact channels, we are able to partner with companies to promote their products, services, or internship opportunities to our pool of very talented subscribers.

Tech Treks

In motivated groups of 40, we travel to different cities to visit incubators, accelerators, venture funds, and tech startups of all sizes.